Merchnesia is the best indie music original merchandise center in Indonesia with a fast and complete process.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique item that cannot be exchanged. NFTs are used for items that are easy to make, such as photos with unique and distinguishable characteristics from other digital items. Using blockchain technology as verified ownership data.

You can directly click on the Merchnesia collection according to your preferences in the featured merchandise section and you will be directly connected to the Merchnesia store on OpenSea.

No. Items will be stored on the blockchain.

To buy NFT, you can go directly to the featured merchandise to choose your favorite collection that will be connected to the selasar. To get merchandise, you can use the Reedems Physical T-shirt section. Merchandise can be used during virtual concerts and can be delivered to your home.

Yes, it can if you're just buying T-shirts.

Yes, it can. On Selasar, you will get a T-shirt by redeeming it on the website form.

You will get a free T-shirt with your first NFT purchase. For the second purchase, you will not get a free T-shirt.

No. NFTs must be purchased at selasar first to get the T-shirt.